Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2018 concludes on a high note

Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2018 concludes on a high note

37th edition focused on food security & sustainability posts more than 15,000 record number of visitors


The 37th edition of Saudi Agriculture Exhibition recently concluded its activities, amid wide acclaim from regional and international exhibitors and visitors for the success of the event, organized by Riyadh Exhibitions Company, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC). The event attracted a record number of visitors reaching more than 15,000 during the four days of the event, including the remarkable presence of international leaders from more than 30 countries which explored investment opportunities within the Saudi agriculture sector. It also received extensive coverage from local and regional media. The Saudi Agriculture Exhibition plays a major role in establishing sustainability in the agricultural sector in the Kingdom as developing this sector is key to achieving the government’s sustainable food security programs in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

The event featured the latest products, technologies and innovations in the agricultural sector and local and international visitors also learned from the experiences of innovators, decision- makers and manufacturers on key investment projects. The exhibition also presented opportunities for investors and decision makers, offering them new perspectives on ways to increase investments in the sector.

Mohammad Al Al-Sheikh, Head of Marketing, Riyadh Exhibitions Company, said: “During the four-day event, Saudi Agriculture Exhibition has successfully achieved its objectives in positioning the country’s key food security programs in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to increase agriculture’s GDP contribution and boost economic development. The event also helped the sector keep pace with the latest developments towards achieving a sustainable agricultural sector and conserve the Kingdom's natural resources.”

He hailed this edition’s major success, which reflects the strategic importance of opening the market to local and international companies and strengthen trade networks, knowledge exchange and sharing of expertise, as well as establish partnerships in the agricultural sector.

AL Al-Sheikh added: “The Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2018 has once again proven its pioneering role as an ideal platform to share the best and most successful experiences in the field and offer the ideal solutions for emerging and potential challenges to the sector. The event has also contributed in pushing the initiatives towards achieving national food security and diversifying the production base in the country, including the growing importance of organic agriculture.”

AL Al-Sheikh further commended the continuing efforts of the government in supporting the agricultural sector and urged stakeholders to participate in the next edition of the exhibition which will be held from 21 to 24 October, 2019.

The Saudi Agriculture Exhibition remains one of the longest running exhibitions in the country which provides an ideal platform to bring together the public and private sector under one roof. It enjoys massive international participation, making it a gateway for promoting the country’s national products, building successful partnerships in agriculture, and networking with leading international companies and investors.  It is also the best venue to meet officials and decision makers responsible for the implementation of the country’s sustainable food security in line with National Transformation Program 2020.