Live through your screen with the LG OLED TV


The extended lockdown brought by the COVID-19 has forced us, Lebanese, to get used to new ways of living, creating new indoor hobbies while exploring new past times. Small close friends’ gatherings family reunions and movie marathon are fun, but there is one thing we cannot deny: We all miss the days where we used to feel alive.

Football lovers have had a hard time watching their favorite team playing with an empty stadium, with no fans cheering them. Where is the excitement? What about that adrenaline rush they used to feel? It’s bad enough that they can’t enjoy that most-awaited game in a restaurant or pub with their friends!

Here is where LG comes into play, allowing you to live the action of a game while bringing your favorite team to life. Indeed, not all televisions are built with sports and fans in mind, but with its ability to display zoomed-out footage in stunning detail and its upscaling technology, the LG OLED TV is: Its self-emitting pixels in 4K and 8K allows you to see everything, down to each blade of grass while decreasing motion blur and flickering as every pixel illuminates independently. What does that mean? You will be able to experience next-level sensations while watching your games like you have never seen them before. Moreover, OLED offers surreal viewing angles and its 88-inch LG Signature OLED 8K TV, the best for home spectating, is the biggest example. So, brothers, enough fighting over who will get the best place on the couch since you’ll all get front row tickets to the game!

Additionally, LG’s TVs are equipped with AI Sound Pro, mixing game audio for realistic sounds while also being Bluetooth Surround Ready for easy connection. So, all you have to do is breathe in, close your eyes, and it will just feel like you are in your favorite stadium, surrounded by fans as wild as you! The best part is that LG OLED TV acts as your sport companion with its new Sport Alert notifications, giving you updates on your team’s latest news and kick-off times, making sure you do not miss a second of the game!

Having said that, homestay is not that bad when you have an LG OLED TV in your living room, knowing that at every game, you will experience 90 minutes of pure adventure, excitement, and rush.