“Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show” attracts more than 20,000 visitors

“Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show” attracts more than 20,000 visitors

Beirut, August 5, 2014: The Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show (LMTS) 2014 organized by Xclusive S.A.R.L, the leading auto industry events management company, in cooperation with Platea and with the support of MTV, witnessed more 20,000 guests flocking to visit this highly anticipated automotive event. This comprehensive auto show gained also this year a special attention from automotive media reps and socialites.


IMG_9613-300x200.jpg The LMTS 2014 exceptional display spread over a space exceeding 10,000 square meters, within an indoor setup and an outdoor arena that welcomed the most distinct members of the automotive community in Lebanon and the region. The Motorsport and Tuning Show showcased a fleet of the best 150 exotic and super cars, alongside tuned and modified cars, muscle cars, 4x4 and SUVs as well as motorcycles. The vehicles in the LMTS 2014 competed for the title of Best Car, Best Motorcycle, Best Car Club and Best Tuning Shop. Besides this, the LMTS 2014 witnessed other thrilling activities on its sidelines including drifting, burnout, the “Remote control car Show”, the “Strongest car of Lebanon”, as well as the “King of Sound”.

Nabil Moustafa Managing Partner of Xclusive S.A.R.L said: “The LMTS received great applaud and a very positive response from mechanic sports lovers and tuning heads in the country, who appreciated the unique line up of cars displayed and exceptional mechanics show performed before our visitors. In addition, guests enjoyed an unprecedented opportunity to meet tuning experts.  We are thankful for all the support mustered for such an important automotive event and we hope to keep this sustained to hold new versions of the LMTS in the near future.”

From his side, Eliccio Khairallah CEO of Platea noted: “Platea is where dreams come true, we believed in Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show vision and shared the dream with our partners and as we always say Platea is where inspiration happens and this time Where Inspiration meets Adrenaline!”