HUAWEI nova 7i a powerful Mid-range Smartphone with Super High Resolution Camera coming soon to Lebanon

HUAWEI nova 7i a powerful Mid-range Smartphone with Super High Resolution Camera coming soon to Lebanon

When considering smartphones with a beautiful design, many youngsters will immediately think of Huawei’s nova series. Since its inception, nova has swept the world’s major markets with its powerful camera, outstanding performance, iconic design and smart features. 

Recently, Huawei announced the HUAWEI nova 7i to provide consumers with brand new photography and entertainment experience.

48MP Quad AI Camera gives users more photography opportunities

The HUAWEI nova 7i features a powerful 48MP Quad AI camera built into a stylish matrix arrangement on the upper left corner of its back panel. The setup includes a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens, 2MP macro lens and 2MP bokeh lens. This delivers an impressively versatile photography and videography in super high resolution with a distinctive design.

The 48MP main camera on the rear of the device hosts a 1/2-inch sensor with a wide aperture of f/1.8, powerful chipset performance and supports high-definition multi-frame synthesis technology. It intelligently optimizes multiple photos in an instant while retaining details, even after zooming in.

The image enhancement and noise reduction on RAW files make night sky images look cleaner with less noise and, when paired with the long exposure and intelligent multi-frame composition, assists users in perfectly capturing the beauty of starry nights.

The HUAWEI nova 7i also comes with a powerful AI Video Editor that makes post-editing a lot easier. Adding background music, trimming footage or even effects can be now done with a single tap.. The smartphone’s cameras also helps in improving body posture with AI Body Shaping that recognizes the subject’s skeletal structure and surroundings to provide advice on how to improve their form.

In order to produce better bokeh, the nova 7i uses depth sensing hardware and software AI algorithms to effectively handle edge-detection of the subject, therefore making the background blur more natural.

The 8 MP ultra wide-angle lens offers a 120° field of view, bringing a boundless vision that is 140% larger than the ordinary 78° main camera. Whether you’re taking a big group photo, capturing architecture or vast nature scenes, the HUAWEI nova 7i will be able to deliver incredible photographs and video.

The macro lens supports 4cm extreme close macro shooting, allowing users to discover new detail and texture just through using HUAWEI nova 7i.

The 16MP front camera is also equipped with Super Night Selfie 2.0. Using the power of AI algorithms and advanced Light Fusion technology that lets more light to get in the sensor, you can take clear and stunning selfies with brightened skin and three-dimensional facial features, even in dark environments.

Outstanding performance with large battery and HUAWEI SuperCharge

The HUAWEI nova 7i’s Long lasting battery life and fast charging is a huge feature of the new device. With the 4200mAh large battery, it can easily fulfil the user’s high battery demand for the day. So, whether it’s watching movies, playing games or taking photos, running out of battery is never a worry.

HUAWEI nova 7i is also equipped with the impressive 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, which can recharge the battery to 70% in just 30 minutes.

The HUAWEI nova 7i comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage for store a large number of photos, videos and files. At its heart however, lies the 7nm Kirin 810 chipset; this not only consists of two big cores and six small cores, but also integrates a customised version of Mali-G52 GPU, the fourth generation of ISP image processing technology and Huawei’s proprietary NPU.

According to Huawei’s official data, the 7nm Kirin 810 provides a 50% increase in energy efficiency and a 110% increase in transistor density compared with the 12nm Kirin 710, delivering a faster and more powerful performance in addition to a lower power consumption experience.

Thanks to the Kirin Gaming+ system-level AI scheduling technology, GPU driver upgrades, GPU load optimisation and HD game special effects optimisation, the real-time image quality and computing large-scale 3D games are vastly improved. This means that the fineness, clarity, contrast and brightness of the gaming experience are also optimised.

With the NPU’s powerful AI capabilities, the smartphone can flexibly allocate resources for CPU, GPU and DDR. EMUI10’s new features such as the Deterministic Latency Engine also have the ability to further improve the computing speed of HUAWEI nova 7i.

Iconic Punch FullView Display

The HUAWEI nova 7i sports a massive 6.4-inch HUAWEI Punch FullView FHD+ Display that boasts a resolution of 2310 x 1080. This cutting edge display features a wide color gamut and a big screen-to-body ratio of 90.6%. Replacing the front notch is the Punch hole in the upper left corner which houses the tiny front camera, creating a more immersive viewing experience that is smooth, beautiful and practical.

A champion of photography with high performance and a long-lasting battery life, the HUAWEI nova 7i is geared up to set a new trend in the mid-range smartphone segment and is expected to hit the shelves in Lebanon this week.