Huawei Cements Leadership Position with Top Awards at IFA 2019

Huawei Cements Leadership Position with Top Awards at IFA 2019

Huawei strengthened its reputation as an industry leader in product design and innovation with the announcement of more than 20 awards and honors at the IFA 2019 show in Berlin, Germany. Huawei captured the massive haul of awards, and the attention of the global consumer tech media, following a full slate of announcements that enhance the all-scenario connected experience.

Popular Mechanics, Android Central and Stuff were among the many media outlets to highlight Huawei products among the best announced at IFA 2019. Huawei unveiled our Kirin 990 processor, HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 active noise canceling earbuds, the New HUAWEI P30 Pro and the high-speed WiFi Q2 Pro router. The Honor 20 Pro in Icelandic Frost also earned three awards. The award-winning products usher in another banner year for Huawei’s human-driven design philosophy that places the utmost importance on helping consumers experience high-performance products with superior connectivity.

EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) named the HUAWEI P30 Pro “Best Smartphone” as part of its Best Product 2019-2020 awards. The association called the P30 Pro an ideal device for consumers who value photography, recognizing the stunning low-light capabilities, ultra-wide lens, portrait mode and 5x telephoto lens that bests all competitor.

Android Authority presented the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 a “Best of IFA” award for the true-wireless earbuds supporting Bluetooth 5.1, the power-efficient Kirin A1 chipset and ultra-low latency. Android Authority is a global media outlet focused on mobile technology.

Android Central presented Kirin 990 a “Best of IFA 2019” award. Support for 2.3Gbps download speeds, a 16-core GPU and massive upgrades to processing power for 5G and AI applications made the latest chipset a show favorite. AndroidCental is a mobile device resource for expert reviews and news coverage.

Android Headlines gave a “Best of IFA 2019” award to the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3. The editors lofted heavy praise on the new accessory, calling it the first pair of truly wireless earbuds that meet the needs of audiophiles. Active Noise Cancellation, wireless charging and High-Quality Audio were among the many reasons cited for granting the award.

Android Headlines recognized the Kirin 990 as part of its “Best of IFA 2019” awards. With industry-leading performance and low power consumption for added efficiency, the Kirin 990 proved to be both powerful and built for the 5G era. Android Headlines is a global website covering the latest products, news, and industry news related to Android.

The Big Tech Question gave the Kirin 990 a “Best of IFA 2019” award. The distinction was earned for the Kirin 990 integrating its power-efficient chipset and introducing users to a new generation of capabilities.

GadgetMatch presented the Kirin 990 a "Best of IFA 2019" award. The industry's first integrated 5G SoC was praised for its high download and upload speeds, as well as its performance-boosting and power efficient big, middle and little core infrastructure.

Gadget Match also presented a “Best of IFA 2019” award to Huawei in recognition of the FreeBuds 3. The wireless earbuds earned the award with Active Noise Cancellation and a stylish case that can deliver an additional 20 hours of charge. 

Gear Diary presented Huawei with a "Best of IFA 2019" award for the new FreeBuds 3. The presence of a dual-channel Bluetooth, 30% lower latency and 50% lower power consumption -- and, most of all, active noise cancellation -- inspired the editors to highlight the FreeBuds 3 as one of the best announcements at IFA.

Gear Diary also selected the Kirin 990 as a "Best of IFA 2019" award recipient. Major upgrades to performance, speed, power consumption and AI-enabled photography advancements were cited as the major reasons for the honor. Gear Diary is a US-based publication focused on covering a wide range of tech of accessories.

GEEKSPIN presented a “Best of IFA 2019” award to the FreeBuds 3, noting the earbuds superior performance compared to rivals. The FreeBuds 3 were praised for comfortability, the long-lasting 20 hours of use with wireless charging case, and ANC and intelligent noise control. GEEKSPIN is a U.S.-based publisher focused on tech lifestyle geared for a geeky audience.

Mightygadget gave the Kirin 990 SoC a “Best of IFA 2019” award. The 5G-enabled chipset earned the award for its advancements in AI functionality and a new big-little core architecture that greatly increases processing power. Mightygadget is a UK tech blog specializing in tech news and reviews for mobile, wearables and automation.

Popular Mechanics gave the Huawei FreeBuds 3 a “Best of IFA 2019” award for its unique features like Active Noise Cancellation that reduces ambient noise. The presence of a new A1 chipset that's more energy efficient and capable of long battery life made the FreeBuds 3 a standout in Berlin.

SoundGuys selected the FreeBuds 3 for its “Best of IFA 2019” list, saying that the wireless earbuds move beyond competitors with the introduction of active noise cancellation. The fast 2.3 Mbps transfer speeds and limited lag times also earned great praise. SoundGuys is a global publication dedicated to discovering the best performing products in consumer audio.

Stuff presented the FreeBuds 3 a “Best of IFA 2019” award, highlighting the advancements that the device makes in both audio quality and performance. Editors note that the FreeBuds support Active Noise Cancellation and charge 100% faster than the competition. Stuff is a prominent publication detailing the best in gadgets and consumer electronics.

TalkAndroid presented the HUAWEI FreeBuds3 a "Best of IFA 2019" Award. The combination of Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth LE, Active Noise Cancelling and wireless charging made the FreeBuds a clear choice for the “Best Accessory” category. TalkAndroid is a global resource for the latest devices and software news for all things Android.

Ubergizmo presented Kirin 990 a “Best of IFA 2019” award. The chipset earned the award thanks to a fully integrated 5G modem, which will deliver a better-connected experience, and a high-performing, highly efficient SoC. Ubergizmo is a globally recognized media publication distributed in six languages.