Expo 2020 Dubai: Saudi Arabia wins ‘Best Pavilion’ award

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has won the ‘Best Pavilion’ award, as well as two honorary awards.

The Kingdom was selected by EXHIBITOR magazine, which hands out awards for each edition of the world-famous exhibition.
The Saudi Arabia pavilion won the award in the ‘large suites’ category. It also received honorary awards for best exterior design and best display.

The pavilion had earlier won the Platinum Certificate in LEED by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). It also holds three Guinness World Records for the largest interactive light floor, the longest interactive water curtain and the largest interactive digital screen mirror.

EXHIBITOR magazine is the main evaluator of Expo world fairs and has organised the competition for more than 30 years. The magazine honours the best-designed exhibitions through the contest, based on the assessment of an international committee comprising design, marketing, and events experts.
The Saudi pavilion at Expo 2020 has received over four million visitors. It provides an outstanding experience that takes visitors along a journey through the Kingdom’s past, present and future. Technology is mixed with knowledge and creative arts to reflect Saudi Arabia’s growth and prosperity in all fields.