• Ericsson conducts a live demonstration of Smart Sustainable Cities
  • Ericsson showcases the transformation in Emergency Response, as well as the IoT Accelerator and its benefits

 Ericsson presented its latest solutions in the field of smart sustainable cities at the Smart City Expo Istanbul held on June 1st  to 3rd at the Halic Congress Centre in Istanbul, Turkey.

The explosive growth of cities and the rapid uptake of broadband and information and communications technology (ICT) – are at an intersection. Ericsson has recognized the bigger picture, the Networked Society, where connectivity and technologies such as big data, cloud technology, smart grids, and the Internet of Things can enable the smart cities and citizens of the future. With the Smart City Expo as its platform, Ericsson showcased the solutions that can empower businesses and individuals in the Networked Society.

During the event Ericsson conducted live demonstrations into laying the foundations for a smart sustainable city. With the right foundations, cities can put themselves on the path to return on investment, not only in traditional financial terms, but also in the so-called triple-bottom-line dimensions of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In addition, Ericsson showcased its location based emergency alert system for more streamlined operations, bringing significant cost savings to entire cities. This unified, fast, efficient and easy to learn system decreases time to alert emergency resources.

To demonstrate its m-commerce capabilities, Ericsson’s Mobile Wallet Platforms was also on display at the event, offering industry players simple, functional and relevant m-commerce solutions. Part of the Ericsson M-Commerce portfolio, Ericsson Wallet Platform allows users to store, transfer and withdraw money using Ericsson’s connected mobile payment network.

Ericsson also gave an insight into its suite of IoT (Internet of Things) Accelerator software services. Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator separates the application logic from the other IoT solution capabilities and minimizes integration work. Development tools, APIs, and a collaboration environment for ecosystem partners, enables business to develop, test, deploy, and integrate faster and easier than ever before.

Rapid urbanization is boosting the global influence of cities, in some respects elevating them above nation states as significant incubators of innovation, enterprise and social progress. Cities that adopt smart, sustainable development practices are well placed to meet these challenges. In fact, in the Networked Society, it becomes possible for cities to thrive without their development taking a major toll on scarce resources. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) allows people, knowledge and devices to be networked in new ways, and cities that embrace ICT’s potential can create new value, operate efficiently and reap significant benefits.

”Major cities are now gearing up to transform into smart cities, and will rely on a variety of ICT applications to make their ambitions a reality. ICT is the backbone of all smart city applications, and we are proud to be a sponsor of Smart City Expo Istanbul, bringing the power of technology and its benefits to the forefront, for the people, enterprises and the government of Istanbul,” said Rutger Reman, Head of Industry & Society unit at Ericsson.

Ericsson has the technologies to help cities at all levels of development, designing and implementing ICT solutions that promote sustainability, efficiency, innovation, safety, economic growth, and better urban lifestyles. Every city is unique, complex, and comprised of many stakeholders. Ericsson has always taken an approach that is consultative, providing support from planning to investment to management.