Cerner Masouliya to Develop Local Talent in Middle East

Cerner Masouliya to Develop Local Talent in Middle East


Program designed to provide participants with deeper understanding of health care and information technology

To develop local talent in the region and support nationalization programs throughout the Middle East, Cerner Middle East & Africa today announced the launch of the Cerner Masouliya (meaning “responsibility” in Arabic) program.

This program is designed to provide nationals in the region with knowledge in health care and information technology, as well as to develop skills to help their respective health care organizations transform the medical system in their countries.

Masouliya is aligned with the initiatives of multiple governments in the Middle East to create employment opportunities for nationals and to prepare them to deal with operational and strategic decisions across the private and public sectors.

“We’re proud to help develop the talents of local individuals who want to improve health care in their countries and become future leaders,” said Michael Pomerance, vice president and general manager of Cerner Middle East & Africa. “Cerner Middle East will provide training and experience for various projects, depending on the participant’s area of expertise and future career aspirations in the public or private sectors.”

Masouliya began April 2 with three trainees from Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt.

“The Masouliya program provides trainees an opportunity to gain valuable informatics knowledge that is in high demand and important for their organizations’ ability to manage and support their health care IT system,” said Karim Abd Elhay, strategic business executive, Cerner Middle East.

“Our relationship with Cerner has been much more than a supplier-client relationship. The Masouliya program reflects the spirit of collaboration between Children’s Cancer Hospital and Cerner,” said Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga, CEO, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 Group.