Celebrating success Tinol Paints organizes its agents’ lunch

Celebrating success Tinol Paints organizes its agents’ lunch


Sixty years of good relations and success across Lebanon

Tinol Paints organized a lunch for its agents on February 25, at Riviera Hotel, Beirut. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the company embarked on a series of festivities gathering different members of its community, beginning with its employees and their families and extending to its ambassadors to all the Lebanese territory: its agents.

During this lunch, Mr. Chaker Saab, Chairman of Tinol Paints thanked all agents for their efforts in promoting and dealing with Tinol, promising that Tinol will continue to be at the forefront of the paint industry.

Tinol’s big family also celebrated being the first paint company in the Middle East to be awarded the Dual UL Certification –SCAQMD and GreenGuard Gold with regards to the Content and Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds, confirming the company’s dedication and contribution to the creation of healthier and greener indoor environments in order to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety.

Moreover, Mr. Saab highlighted Tinol’s exclusive Health and Safety partnership in the Green Schools program that creates schools with healthy environments for students and staff; schools that promote ecological sustainability, by pursuing green building and maintenance practices.

Finally, Mr. Saab announced the company’s Pikasso d’Or award for the best LED billboard ad. The Pikasso d’Or prize was awarded to the 60th anniversary campaign that highlighted Lebanon’s bright and inspiring moments. It celebrated, along with Tinol’s successes, Lebanese achievement: the colorful and inspiring events in the history of our country that marked our past and help us look into the future.