Borgward celebrates milestone production of 100,000th car

Borgward celebrates milestone production of 100,000th car

‘You raise me up’ themed-event highlights Borgward’s quality of craftsmanship & commitment to its founding philosophy

To mark the production of its 100,000th car, Borgward has celebrated a grand ‘offline’ ceremony at its factory in Beijing on June 28 with the theme, ‘You raise me up’, in the presence of car owners, distributors, suppliers, Borgward employees and friends from the media. The company also rolled out the strong safety features of its vehicles, which is at the core of Borgward manufacturing. Founded in 1919 by German engineer Carl Borgward, the company launched a Brand Revival Plan in 2005, which has now successfully achieved a milestone production and is poised as a rising brand in the global car market.

Image-1-1.jpg Borgward showcased its production facility, which is an important achievement under the Sino-German cooperation in the field of smart manufacturing where the factory was selected as the “Pilot Demonstration Project of the 2017 Sino-German Cooperation on Smart Manufacturing”. The factory adopts the philosophy behind the German-led initiative ‘Industry 4.0’, following a smart manufacturing system focused on flexible, precise and rigorous production. The 8-model flexible production line is the foundation of high-quality cars and the main enabler for Borgward to produce 100,000 cars in just two years. These cars were tested and passed a 100 per cent rating for its quality.

Borgward Factory also presented to guests the dual safety features of the car, both on time and space dimension, when delivered to customers. The 16-electronic security configurations on all series of vehicles will be able to provide all-time protection, paired with the 4 MAX smart full-time all-wheel-drive system, which enables instantaneous response to various road conditions within 0.12 seconds. This means any Borgward car can guarantee driving safety each and every second. Should there be an accident, it takes only 1.6 seconds for the airbag to pop out and for Borgward Rescue Call to be dialed via ECALL, and the call can be performed even when the vehicle is powered off.

Image-2-1.jpg In terms of space, the high-strength steel covers as much as 79 per cent of the entire vehicle body, and 1500 Mpa ultra-high-strength steel is used in the strengthened A-pillar and B-pillar steel plates and the front anti-collision beam. By using high-performing materials such as double-sided galvanized steel plates with 12 years anti-corrosion duration and integrated vehicle doors, as well as an increased rigidity of over 30 per cent. The car also features very minimal chemical compound of formaldehyde concentration as low as 0.02g/m3 or only a quarter of the German standard.

The production of the 100,00th car signifies Borgward’s all-round leap-frog development in its smart manufacturing capabilities and the recognition it has received from the market for its high-quality. Borgward is committed to quality-driven development to ensure it fulfills the support given by its customers which have remained loyal to the Borgward brand.