Banque BEMO believes in Lebanon

Banque BEMO believes in Lebanon

As we are all mourning our beloved ones, our injured, our emotionally scarred, our lost properties, it is not the time to renounce and lose hope.

We, BEMO, offer our condolences and our compassion to all Lebanese sharing all your grieves. But we should never give up.

As BEMO, we will help all who will stand their ground. This is why, we have initiated a program that will begin by next week to provide to all those, clients and non- clients, who want to rebuild their house, their office or restore their equipment, a fast track loan with minimal collateral and administrative paperwork.

Our Board of Directors has allocated a total envelope of 100 million Dollars for this initiative.

We will all prove that we can unite and show fortitude in the midst of any ordeal. With the help of our friends, we will overcome this crisis and the others. Our beginning of the year statement is more valid than ever:  “2020 is the year of courage; we want to become a source of hope for all the Lebanese people so that we rise together and overcome the crisis”.