Capturing Opportunities and Opening New Revenue Streams through Industry Digitalization

Operators can capture billions of dollars in new revenue potential by targeting the digital transformation of other industries using 5G and IoT technology.

By Chafic Traboulsi, Head of Networks for Ericsson Middle East and Africa

Ericsson at MWC 2018: 5G open for business

  • President and CEO Börje Ekholm welcomed journalists and analysts to the do zone at MWC 2018 with a focus on how 5G will succeed commercially
  • Enhanced mobile broadband will be the first large-scale global 5G use case, driven by a need for more efficient networks and better user experience
  • Telstra CEO Andy Penn joined onstage to discuss the network of the future and the advantages of being a 5G frontrunner


Interview with Chafic Traboulsi, Head of Networks for Ericsson Middle East and Africa where he tells the story of 5G

Chafic-Traboulsi.jpg * With the first 5G NR standard in place, what can we look forward to in   terms of 5G development in the coming months?
  • The pace at which business use cases are being visualized, conceptualized, and constructed today

Ericsson predicts 1 billion 5g subscriptions in 2023

  • 5G will cover more than 20 percent of the global population six years from now, according to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report
  • Mobile data traffic continues to grow, primarily fueled by increased viewing of video content
  • LTE will be the dominant access technology by end of this year, driven by demand for improved user experience and faster networks

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) forecasts there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions for enh