Benta Pharma Industries reaches promising results in studies aimed at eradicating diabetes

The first Lebanese drug manufacturing company to start clinical trials on humans

Lebanese researchers have found promising results for studies and experiments conducted on animals to eradicate diabetes and are preparing to launch clinical trials on patients with diabetes type 1 in Lebanon.

Ministry of Health and Prevention launches ‘Kids’ community program to increase children’s knowledge on diabetes

Image-9.jpg As part of its commitment to educate children about diabetes, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sanofi, hosted an awareness event at the Dub

Prime Hospital and Prime Medical Centers launches an awareness campaign for World Health Day to throw spotlight on Diabetes

Diabetes population at 19 per cent ranks UAE 16th worldwide

Prime Healthcare Group, a leading healthcare provider in the UAE, has launched a campaign in support of World Health Day. The campaign will be held for the whole month of April 2016 at Prime Hospital and Prime Medical Centers across the UAE. The campaign will throw the spotlight on common diseases and aims to facilitate healthcare services in a more effective and efficient manner.

The Lebanese Society of Endocrinology Diabetes and Lipids and Lilly support education initiatives for people with diabetes who choose to fast during Ramadan

Experts gathered  on the eve of the  18th annual  congress  of the Lebanese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and  Lipids endorse an innovative educational tool – to help people with diabetes navigate safely through the fasting period