SAMA celebrates before the World Cup kicks off

SAMA celebrates before the World Cup kicks off

Raising the voice to fight piracy using all technical solutions possible

SAMA, the exclusive distributor of all BeIN channels across Lebanon that will broadcast the World Cup – Russia 2018, celebrated before the kickoff of the games, launching its campaign for fighting TV channels piracy, during a dinner organized by ICE Events, at Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut on June 8, 2018.

PIC-1-copy.jpg During the celebration, the representative of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, His Excellency the Minister of Information Mr. Melhem Riachi, said, “Piracy is the greatest damage for copyright and especially for the World Cup. In the name of our President, I declare that piracy is forbidden and I invite all people to respect the rights of others. Congratulations to all Lebanese people for the broadcast of the World Cup in our country.”

Then, the representative of the Lebanese Prime Minister, His Excellency the Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Jamal Jarrah, said, “After many rounds of negotiation, we succeeded in broadcasting the World Cup to all Lebanese people, from the first games to the last ones.”

PIC-2-copy.jpg As for the representative of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Ali Fawaz, he congratulated Lebanese people on solving the problem of the World Cup broadcast. Russia 2018 is the most anticipated event for all sports lovers across the world. Thanks to the efforts of the tripartite Ministerial Committee, supervised delicately by our Prime Minister, whose job was negotiating with SAMA group, the exclusive distributor of all BeIN channels across Lebanon, the deal was made, leaving a positive impact between all Lebanese organizers. This proves that the World Cup is for everybody and it is a right for all Lebanese people with no differentiation.”

The CEO of SAMA Group, Mr. Mohammad Mansour, said, “Today we launch our campaign to fight TV channels piracy, especially beIN channels. It is true that Lebanon will be one of the oil-producing countries soon, but the artistic, cultural and intellectual creativity will remain the main resource of Lebanon. Therefore, it is a must that it remains at the top of the countries that protect copyright and especially TV production.” He then invited all people to fight piracy with all technical solutions possible including Beout.

PIC-3-copy.jpg At the end, the Board Member and the CFO of beIN channels, Mr. Tarek Zaynal, said, “BeIN has worked recently on offering the best TV content, services and latest technology (the newest is the 4K technology) to the Lebanese audience, by increasing its TV content packages and its diversity. Despite the big investment made by beIN in the last years, it faces many obstacles among them the issue of piracy. Dealing with such an issue requires a new strategy based on putting all efforts from different sectors and organizations working in this field, to destroy this problem and put an end to this organized crime.”

After the speeches, SAMA Group distributed trophies to the Prime Minister represented by HE the Minister Jarrah, to the President represented by HE the Minister Riachi, HE Minister Jarrah, to HE the Minister of Youth and Sports represented by Mr. Fawaz and the CFO of beIN channels Mr. Tarek Zaynal.