Opel New Showroom in Baabda Unveiled!

Opel New Showroom in Baabda Unveiled!

A.N Boukather unveils the All New Opel Showroom in

Baabda and the Brand New Opel Grandland X in an

Outer Space Theme!


On October 2, 2018 and in a unique atmosphere, A.N.Boukather launched their brand new showroom in Baabda-Damascus Road, unveiling Opel’s latest SUV: The Grandland X designed with advanced intelligent grip to people with a rush for adventure!

In the presence of Christian Gerdes, Opel Middle East and Asia Sales Manager - at Opel Automobile GmbH; all guests witnessed the strong comeback of Opel in the Lebanese market. In fact, Gerdes stated:” We are happy to be partnering up with A.N.Boukather, who is with no doubt an amazing partner and have tremendous expertise in the automotive industry. Today is another proof of their commitment to make OPEL a growing market in Lebanon and spreading Opel’s vision to provide the technology anyone would dream of, with the affordability everyone can assure.”

From his end, Mr. Anthony A. Boukather the CEO of A.N. Boukather confirmed the company’s promise to enjoy moving forward in Lebanon despite the challenging times. “Why Opel? Because Opel is an affordable German Brand with a lot of history, every family had an Opel in Lebanon in the past! And the future of Opel is Electric with the introduction of 4 electric models in 2020”.

With Opel new showroom Launch, A.N.Boukather established new standards for automotive events in the Lebanese market and offered an unforgettable experience to more than 300 attendees.

With its reveal, A.N Boukather uncovered not just the all-new Opel Grandland X, but one of the most exceptional Opel products of all time.