Nad’s Reviews covers Ramadan Series 2018

Nad’s Reviews covers Ramadan Series 2018

In the past few years, the entertainment website Nad’s Reviews has gained wide recognition for its in-depth coverage of American TV series. These reviews have gained global as well as regional spotlight in the Arab World. For this reason, the website will be embarking on its most exciting venture yet: reviewing the biggest Arabic series airing during the month of Ramadan.

Whether you’re an Arabic series lover or not, there’s no doubt that you’ve been intrigued by a show at one point or another. Chances are, you were hooked during the month of Ramadan, which is why Nad’s Reviews will join you on an exciting journey of discussing the latest series airing throughout the next month.

In the last few years, the majority of Arab channels have competed throughout the month of Ramadan to produce the most addictive series possible. Networks have focused their efforts on attracting the biggest stars and the most captivating stories to truly hook Arab audiences during the holy month. After all, these audiences have grown accustomed to the finest production values after being exposed to so many groundbreaking series from across the globe.

As Ramadan series are under a great deal of spotlight and critique, Arab producers are raising the bar for their series in terms of production values and casting the most sought-after stars. The influx of shows has given audiences almost too many choices, as viewers have struggled in deciding which series to follow. Enter Nad’s Reviews, which will introduce the various Ramadan series and offer in-depth reviews to help viewers manage the diverse selection of shows at their disposal.

Daily reviews and critiques will follow, encouraging the Arab viewers to share their own opinions and thoughts in addition to their own ratings (Nad’s Reviews will rate each episode on a scale of five stars).

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