Protect your family the Milton way!

Protect your family the Milton way!


Milton Range of Products

Everyday we’re exposed to a large number of germs, which can be harmful and have the potential to infect the ones you love with dangerous illnesses.

This is why it is important to sterilize fruits and vegetables to protect your family’s health.

Until the age of 12 months, your baby's immune system is weak, making it essential that you sterilize feeding equipment in order to protect your baby and ensure a healthy environment in which he can grow safely.

Milton, trusted by Mums since 1916, offers you a range of sterilization & hygiene products to protect you and your family.

Sterilizes in just 15 minutes. No Boiling. No Rinsing. No Hassle.

Many had the chance to discover more about the range at the Mzaar Summer Festival and enjoyed a special treat with each purchase:)


Milton Mzaar Summer Festival Stand