Nicolas Boukather elected President of HEC Alumni’s Lebanon Chapter

Nicolas Boukather elected President of HEC Alumni’s Lebanon Chapter

Following a meeting for its members, HEC Group Alumni- Lebanon Chapter, elected Nicolas Boukather President of this alumni association for a three-year term. Nicolas Boukather graduate of the « Masters Entrepreneur » program in 2007, has succeeded Albert Lteyaf (H.93).

The new board consists of the following members: Jihad Bitar (H.2000), Youssef Dib (H.83), Cynthia Elias (M.2009), Albert Kostanian (H.04) and Rami Rafih (H.2006).Emmanuel Chain (H.85), a graduate of HEC, has been just elected President of the HEC Alumni association – Worldwide based in Paris at the HEC conference held on June 3rd 2015. Emmanuel Chain is well known to the general public for creating and presenting the well-known Capital program on M6. As a journalist and television producer he has spent 12 years in this industry, where he had the opportunity to become chief information director.

As of today HEC counts more than 50,000 alumni members around the world.

During his speech, Nicolas Boukather put down the new board’s vision, which represent a continuity of its predecessor’s work, focusing mainly on the chapter’s mission for the next three years, based on the following three components:

-Ensuring the participation of alumni members in jury interviews taking place in Lebanon and dedicated for admissions to major French business schools.

-Activating the Conference cycles titled "The HEC graduates defy the crisis." This cycle of conferences developed along with the "Commerce du Levant" highlight several profiles of companies that defied the crisis. Whether executives or entrepreneurs, they have always something in common: refuse to give up in face of the economic slowdown affecting the country. This conference cycle is a way to share their experiences in facing the economic challenges.

Every few days, one of them presents his journey to his peers during a conference that sees the participation of economic figures and political decision makers.

- Benefit from the learning and innovative ideas that the alumni of HEC acquired at these conferences to provide solutions to the country's economic problems.

-Integrate the HEC Lebanon Chapter to the HEC Mentoring Program that allows young Lebanese colleagues who enter the workforce, to benefit from the free advice of past volunteers.

The new board especially thanked all the former board members for all their efforts, as well as confidence that the alumni members placed in them.