Design Your Own LINE Sticker & Win Grand Prizes!

Design Your Own LINE Sticker & Win Grand Prizes!

September 18, 2014

- LINE Sticker Contest for Arabic users with a total prize of USD 37,000

- Be the creative designer of LINE stickers for all Arab users to enjoy!

Beirut, Lebanon, September 18, 2014 - LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with 490 million users worldwide, is hosting a special sticker design competition for Arabic countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia between September 15, 2014 and November 17, 2014.



Anyone who lives in the 11 aforementioned countries can enter the competition by submitting self-designed sticker set, which portrays the Arabic culture in a creative and innovative way and can be used for everyday conversations on LINE.

Through two separate rounds of the contest, the ten finalists will not only be rewarded with cash prize, but also be granted with the opportunity where the self-designed work is released via LINE stickers shop[1]. Therefore, the sticker designs should be appealing to Arabic users, expressing humor and emotions that are applicable to Arabic dialogues and social situations.

After evaluation by LINE users in Arabic countries in the final round, one final winner will receive the grand prize of USD 10,000, while nine other finalists will be rewarded with USD 3,000 each.[2]

See below for more details about the contest and get your chance to win grand prizes now![3]

Eligibility for Entry  

Anyone living in the following regions can enter for the competition: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Competition Schedule

Ÿ   Round 1

-       Sep 15, 2014 – Oct 6, 2014: Submission (Deadline: Oct 6, 2014. 18:00 UTC+09)

-       Oct 7, 2014 – Oct 16, 2014: Entry Evaluation by Judges

-       Oct 17, 2014:  Announcement of 10 finalists who will proceed to Round 2

Ÿ   Round 2

-       Oct 17, 2014 – Nov 1, 2014: Submission (Deadline: Nov. 1, 2014. 18:00 UTC+09)

(Only for the 10 finalists, who must submit 24 types of sticker designs)

-       Nov 2, 2014 – Nov 12, 2014: Evaluation by LINE users in Arabic countries

(Sticker designs made by the 10 finalists will be available for free in the LINE sticker shop for Arab countries)

-       Nov 17, 2014: Announcement of the Grand Prix Winner

(The 40 stickers designed by the Grand Prix winner, will be available for free download in the Line sticker shop for Arab countries)

How to Apply

Ÿ   Step 1 : Make your own sticker set

-       Design one set of 8 stickers, which abide by the guideline below.

ž   Sticker designs that Arabic users might love.

ž   Sticker designs that differ from existing LINE stickers.

ž   Sticker designs that might be used frequently by Arabic users.

ž   Sticker designs that can be used in common situations.

ž   You can get inspiration from various stickers available in LINE Creator’s Market.

-       Download a sample file and follow the guidelines provided when designing a sticker set.

ž   Detailed guidelines in English:

ž   Detailed guidelines in Arabic:

Ÿ   Step 2 : Submit your entry

-       Make online submission by following ‘PARTICIPATE’ page in the website

-       Click the ‘submit’ button at the bottom after completing the online entry form and uploading your sticker design file.

-       The submission will be complete once you have received a confirmation email.

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[1] Participants have complete ownership of their design, during and after the competition. However, LINE also has rights to make it available for free download in the sticker shop and for LINE’s promotional use.
[2] The number of winners may change depending on the quality of entries.
[3] Applicable tax and processing fee will be deducted from the payment to the finalists, in accordance with the regional regulations.