ANB Gives Invites The Chance to Test Ride Their Dream Motorcycle

ANB Gives Invites The Chance to Test Ride Their Dream Motorcycle


A.N. BOUKATHER, the official dealers of KTM, TVS, Bajaj, and Piaggio group in Lebanon, invites their customers to test ride all their latest motorcycle models at Pit Stop Track in Zouk Mosbeh on June, 12, 2016.

Established in 1908, A.N Boukather sal is currently the exclusive distributor of premium automotive brands. ANB Motorcycles Club has given the chance to the media invites to test ride their dream motorcycles and feel the adrenaline rush of riding real motorcycles.

Media Motorcycle lovers enjoyed their day at Pit Stop as they mingles around with ANB Motorcycles Club and got the opportunity to learn all about top notch automotive products.

KTM Brand Manager Yves Khadra addressed the attendees aiming to describe the mission that ANB thrives for: “We aim to be the leading distributing company and provide high quality automotive product, services and training”. President of ANB Club Riccardo Hosri added: “We are glad that we are sharing the knowledge excellence and our expertise with everybody here and giving the chance for others to feel the thrill of motorcycle riding”.

“Enjoy Moving Forward”, ANB Motorcycles Club express their passion to move forward with this slogan holding more than just words but a vision to perfection as well.