California T – Experience Arabia’s Purest Expression Of Automotive Luxury

California T – Experience Arabia’s Purest Expression Of Automotive Luxury

Ferrari Middle East and Africa Releases Behind-the Scenes Video on the Making of the California T ‘Deserto Rosso’


Following on from its globally-acclaimed ‘Deserto Rosso’, an exhilarating short film showcasing The California T in perfect harmony with the Arabian Desert, Ferrari Middle East and Africa has released a behind-the-scenes cut taking its viewers into the private event where the video was filmed.

Shot over a two-day luxury drive weekend deep in the Liwa Desert, ‘Deserto Rosso’ was attended by a handpicked selection of Ferrari owners and connoisseurs. The first California T Owner’s gathering ever paid tribute to one of the most successful Ferrari models ever and its proud customers were invited to immerse themselves in its unique characteristics and by doing so, collectively represent the definitive spirit of the California T.

 The new video, titled ‘Deserto Rosso Behind the Scenes’, shows why the California T is considered one of the most sublime, exclusive and versatile members of the Ferrari stable. This iconic vehicle is never more at home then when it is navigating the breathtaking desert roads, demonstrating its superior handling and classical features.  This profound combination of performance and luxury lifestyle is the reason why the California T has set a global benchmark for all high performance Grand Tourer models.

 The California T is the product of a strong Ferrari lineage, dating from the 50s and epitomizing supreme elegance and styling.  Definitive beauty meets with a remarkable sporty DNA in the form of the new turbocharged V8 engine and cutting edge technological solutions. The California T is also known for its versatility, which is demonstrated with the retractable hood, to shield drivers from the midday temperatures, or to enjoy the cool desert winds at night.  This respect for the traditions of the past makes it the perfect automotive accomplice for the Arabian desert, a wild terrain rich with ancient stories and in some place virtually untouched by contemporary hands.

 In the video, the California T skillfully navigates the twisting roads of the desert environment, in an exuberant display of speed and razor sharp responsiveness that serves to enhance the passion and natural beauty of the dunes. Witness the blistering performance, superbly powerful acceleration and marvel at the exhilarating Ferrari soundtrack.

 Owning a California T is an exclusive prestige afforded to the very few, and handling this Grand Tourer as the red sun sets over the horizon is surely one of the most rare and purest expressions of luxury money can buy.

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