Alfa celebrates the “Girls in ICT Day” for the second year in a row

Alfa celebrates the “Girls in ICT Day” for the second year in a row

 25 female students interacted with the Alfa women team and competed on creating an app for smartphones

Beirut- Lebanon on May 22-2014: On the occasion of the internationally- celebrated “Girls in ICT Day,” a day set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in order to encourage young girls to actively engage in studies in the ICT domain and enhance their knowledge about the sector, Alfa organized a celebration with the participation of 25 female students from different schools.


This initiative aimed at contributing to the career guidance of the female students who are about to choose their university major, and comes as part of Alfa’s commitment to enhance the role of women in the telecommunications sector, which plays an essential role in the economy and contributes around 9% to the GDP.

It is worth to note that women constitute around 40% of the workforce of Alfa, and around 21% of them work in departments related to technology.

The celebration consisted of a field visit to several technology departments that allowed the girls to get introduced to the network operative equipment. This field visit aimed at briefing the girls about the employment opportunities that await them in the sector.

The day was then followed by live interactions with women employees and managers in the technology sector, which allowed the girls to benefit from the experiences of the Alfa women team and get introduced to the daily work flow in the company.

The event was then concluded by a competition between the girls on inventing a mobile application for smartphones that benefits the community, which allowed to showcase the girls’ creativity in the technology field and to encourage the sports spirit amongst them.

The event comes at a time the role of the telecommunications sector is growing in every aspect of our lives, and the active participation of women in developing the sector is considered of high importance. 

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