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Banque BEMO resumes lending to its clients

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in Lebanon, Banque BEMO has stayed besides its clients, trying to find the adequate solutions while reducing its global exposure. As the crisis is getting more mature, Banque BEMO has decided to grant loans again. This action comes in line with the Bank’s duties, as well as its aim to help restoring faith in the Lebanese Economy, alleviating the burden and challenges the Lebanese are presently facing and providing the financial support to enable its clients to seize the available opportunities.

This initiative comes at a time when the Lebanese individuals, corporations and various institutions are in a state of disarray. Keen on offering not just understanding to its clients, but also practical financial solutions, Banque BEMO is launching this initiative in line with its mission. It aims to put at the disposal of its clients the best service and its full support.

On this matter, we believe 2020 is the year of courage. We want to set an example to follow and become a source of hope for all Lebanese people so that we can rise together and overcome the crisis.

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