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“Les Ciels de Chaumet” – High Jewellery presentation / Paris Couture Week 2019

From inspired creativity to jeweller y virtuosity, from harmony of composition to its palette of coloured stones, Chaumet has consistently express ed its connection to the arts. In 2019, the High Jewellery collection Les Ciels de Chaumet celebrates this centennial and fruitful dialogue through a n undeniably pictorial and poetic theme. From solar disks adorning the frescoes of ancient Egypt to contemporary installations and abstract skies; from the wad ing birds in Japanese prints to the birds of Picasso and Matisse; from Van Gogh ’s swirling suns to Turner ’s atmospheric skies, to Nerval ’s “ own star ” and Mallarmé ’s “ winter sun ”, the sky in all its states has long inspired the most beautiful creations. Like the great masters, Chaumet transforms its perception of vastness and its association with nature into exceptional pieces, giving shape and brillia nce to sensations. From the 19 th century, Chaumet has been creat ing jewels inspired by the celestial vault, illuminating the beauty of women, transforming their presence into an apparition. Tiaras, head jewellery , brooches, bodice ornaments , necklaces and pendant earrings testify to this creative passion, rich in observation, invention and powerful symboli sm . With their glittering elegance, stars , radiant suns, crescent moon s and planets surround a graceful gathering of birds, inhabitants of the air. A multitude of motifs masterfully reinterpreted to celebrate the modernity of femininity in the firmament. Rich in this luminous tradition, the Maison reinvents the sky ’s many moods and the passage of tim e through four tableaux. Les Fulgurances du Ciel evoke s the stars’ spectral nighttime journey , while Les Couleurs du Ciel portray s a sun radiant with light or tinted with nocturnal nuances. Capturing the magic of a moment, Les Caprices du Ciel celebrate s the delicacy of clouds and the power of lightning. Lastly , the rare birds of Les Habitants du Ciel bring the energy of their fl ight and the elegance of their silhouette to the Chaumet natural world. Les Fulgurances du Ciel The night is set sparkling with a shower of diamond stars, a precious constellation. Comets s treak a cross the sky, brief trails of luminosity in the darkness. A tr ansmutation of movement through stones and of immensity in sets , Les Fulgurances du Ciel is a tribute to the very essence of High Jewellery , the art of bringing out the splendour of gems to allow the women who wear them to light up the evening. Étoiles Étoiles The Étoiles Étoiles set represents a modern revisiting of a celestial element present in Chaumet creations for more than 150 years. Building upon ancestral techniques, the purity of the diamonds delicately paving an imperceptible fil couteau mount illuminates the necklace’s prec ious rainfall. Refinement, radiance, sensuality, suppleness, a wealth of seductive characteristics expressed through the Maison’s faultless expertise. The dancing ripple of a starry cascade, the clever positioning of the stars on a tiara and the luminous c aress of the earrings illustrate the mastery of a Maison imbued with its own tradition of excellence, bringing its virtuoso vocabulary to each creation. Set on a cocktail ring between the delicate points of three stars, a 5.01 carat D colour, IF, Type IIa diamond, one of the purest and rarest varieties, highlights Chaumet’s renowned mastery and its art of magnifying the stones in exceptional creations. Malleable links, invisible settings and creative paving all tell the story of a dazzling set like a night sky set aglow with the clarity of the Milky Way, an exclusive statement for a majestic woman. Passages Mysterious as the cosmic night, two exceptional Australian black opals of 28.11 and 29.4 carats lend their hypnotic fire to the Passages set . C omplemented by a ring similarly set with a 29 – carat black opal , this necklace marries the pastel delicacy of tour malines with the blue incandescence of opal to offe r a dazzling magic. In their wake, flashes and suspended drops of rose gold complete a virtuoso example of the reinvention of the Maison’s goldworking tradition. For the queen of the night . Les Couleurs du Ciel Whether fi ery orb, radiant star of the day time or adorned with nocturnal nuances , in the manner of a colourist , Chaumet is inspired by the thousand and one shades exhibited by the sky in express ing the richness of its creative palette in j ewels marrying movement and majesty , the poetry and the intoxicating truth of colour . Soleil de Feu Possessing the intensity of flames, the vibrant oranges of mandarin garnets, the subtle blaze of red Burmese spinels and the golden limpidness of yellow sapphires imbue this set with the vivifying warmth of pure joy. Illustrating Chaumet’s goldworking mast ery, engraved rose gold contributes to the richness of the composition, melting into the maelstrom movement of the jewel thanks to a reinvented claw setting. At its zenith, this swirling fiery sun radiates the happiness of living in the glorious light of d ay. Soleil de Minuit Reminiscent of a painter ’s palette, a spectrum of Tanzanian and Vietnamese spinels, from blue to red to greens and yellows, composes a set of rare shades. A 6.29 – carat absinth green chrysoberyl punctuates th is set’s colourful inspiration with a dose of acidity on a spectacular brac elet . Its f ully – articulated movement gives life to the stones: a feat in which the Chaumet virtuosity is expressed, c omposing a vibrant rendering of the final reflections of a setting sun upon water darkened by the nascent night. Soleil Glorieux An e vocation of the king of the celestial bodies , Soleil Glorieux is an ode to the power of luminous nature. The radian ce of yellow diamonds and the twinkling purity of white diamonds turn this set into an apparition. Crowning a radiant and regal femininity in a majestic tiara whose rays seem suspended in the air thanks to the virtuoso technique of the fil couteau , this precious star also illuminates rings, earrings and a necklace that can transform into a brooch . Les Caprices du Ciel I n stormy weather , the light flashing in the sky illuminates the landscape in a medley of ever – changing hues . Its rays pierce the clouds in the manner of a n insistent new truth. The Maison Chaumet virtuosity celebrates the magic of these fleeting moments, gif ts given by nature to the aesthetes who know how to appreciate them . Lueurs d’Orage Like a changing sky swept by stormy winds, the colours of sapphires, amethysts and tanzanites form a harmonious dialogue, as at the centre of the necklace an exceptional 3 7.68 – carat imperial topaz blazes majestically. Being detachable , removing it allows this spectacular piece to be worn in a shorter form , or i t can be clipped onto a simple line of diamond s to bring a burst of colour . Completed by rings, earrings, brooches and watches adorned with sun – rays in rare shades , this set evokes the poetic turbulence of a precious storm . Nuages d’Or The impalpable weightlessness of these sophisticated golden clouds is revealed by the luminosity of a pair of ‘ golden yellow ’ Sri Lankan sapphires of 22 and 18.88 carats. Employing the Maison’s famed goldworking tradition, the metal has been pared down in the extreme to give the gemsto nes the brilliance of a golden mesh. Shaped by hand, each cloud is unique, imitating the spontaneity of nature. In a harmony of shifting curves and sharp sun – rays , they compose graphic and light jewels. Les Habitants du Ciel In the vast blue yonder , day and night are locked in an eternal dispute over the splendour of their inhabitants. The sky is a continent all its own . In the Maison’s naturalistic vocabulary, the rare birds that inhabit it embody an airy grace and set the imagination on a path towar ds symbol ic and poet ic horizons. Envol Adorned with green tsavorite garnets from Africa, like migratory birds, these swallows bring a fresh sense of enchantment to Chaumet ’s celestial bestiary. Celebrating the freedom of wide open spaces and the joy ful arrival of spring, they take flight in a gracefully ethereal dance . Infusing the Maison ’s prized naturalism with a contemporary spirit , their seducti vely spread wings shape a set of asymmetric and poetic jewels. Parade Rare and mythic, these dancing wading birds bring their graceful elegance to a captivating set like a haiku. Their ballet is enhanced with diamonds and pink or yellow sapphires, requiring a special subtlety to match. Their airy lightness is magnified by ar ticulated fils couteaux , while their panache comes through in the central stones of colourful cocktail rings. A tribute to Japonism drawn from the Maison’s historical creativity, the Parade set combines all of the celebrated Chaumet virtuosity in a pictorial composition.

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