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CH Carolina Herrera: Women’s Spring Summer 2019 Look book 2 – Metropolitan Insignia Clutch

CH Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer collection is an ode to the parade of freedom and femininity that walks New York City’s streets and thrives in its urban art scene. Indubitably, this collection was designed to pay tribute to unconditional femininity and timeless elegance. We are taken on a journey that was inspired by different artists who left their mark on a city that never stops evolving and advancing new ideas. Ellsworth Kelly with his abstract work, the precious delicacy of Georgina O’Keeffe’s colors and flowers and the famous pop sculpture LOVE by Robert Indiana in the heart of Midtown come together with John Miller’s contemporary art, where invented spaces with an expiry date are built in the most unusual locations, turning them into unexpected gardens brimming with flowers.

The influence of these artists is reflected in different details such as color, prints and even the use of the logo. As the different sections of the collection come together, we get to witness its peak right at the beginning of spring. Each chapter is paired with a bag, serving as the link between different outfits and the focal point around which each of the collection’s pieces revolves. The bag is at the core of everything and its personality dictates the style of each drop. LOOKBOOK 2 SPRING SUMMER 2019. METROPOLITAN INSIGNIA CLUTCH The most sophisticated part of the collection embraces Metropolitan Insignia Clutch as its connection point because of the exquisite design and craftwork that go into each of its versions, created in order to highlight all the items that comprise dazzling options for the most special moments. The work of artist Georgina O’Keeffe, an icon of modernist femininity, inspires the most daring and colorful evening offer, featuring figure-hugging dresses covered in undulating green, pastel pink or CH red bows. Printed brocades also stand out with their voluminous silhouettes contained in intense yellow and black hues, elegant crepe and sleek satin which, along with silk, present a contemporary version of the meaning of elegance. The dresses are the key of the collection, a symbol of the House, both in longer gown versions and shorter cocktail designs. Flared hems are combined with intense colors such as red and fuchsia, creating a vibrant and stunning image that will not go unnoticed

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