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In 2013, Purificación Garcia and her accessories team considered the development of a technique that would become iconic and easily recognizable by their customers. Given the saturation of the market, it was not an easy task to do something original. Additionally, it had to be adaptable so as to create different designs while also transmitting the values of the brand: color, minimalism, geometry, functionality and creativity. Though several developments were carried out and many different techniques were investigated, the final inspiration came from Origami art. Japanese in origin, this craft includes certain restrictions such as not admitting cuts on paper and never using scissors or glue. The particularity of this technique is the transformation of paper into figures of different sizes, which range from simple models to very complex folded figures, all departing from a square base.

Based on this shape, which represents the logo of the brand, the team chose a high-quality ovine Napa leather: Baikal. Due to its delicacy and flexibility, it can be treated like paper, making possible for its folds to be maintained over time. The process starts with the selection of the leather so that it meets all the quality requirements. Once stretched, the pattern is marked so that the leather pieces are never cut. Finally, the triangular support for the structure is applied and the slits that allow for movement are applied one by one. In 2014, the first Origami bag was launched with a resounding success in sales, and 5 years later the family is completed with the incorporation of Ori. The idea is developed from the same technical concept but this time with a cube base, a 3D shape which represents the brand and transmits geometry and pure lines. The conception process of the design was purely handcrafted, with no drawings, simply folding the leather and shaping it directly until the final silhouette was achieved. During this period, the team was surprised by the versatility of the design, which allowed for 5 different ways of shaping the bag when folding it in various ways. Hence, the bag itself became a game which starts with a flat surface, perfect for traveling or storing them in different colors in the closet. Ori is introduced as a satchel in two different sizes which can be worn cross body, while a third version of the bag presents a shopping format for those occasions when we have a lot to carry. A new member of the family which stands out because of its originality and geometry, turning it into a unique piece.

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