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At a time when the movement of peoples and the spread of cross-cultural dialogue marks our daily lives more than ever, our interest in telling personal stories at KENZO has never felt more appropriate. For the Fall-Winter 2019 collection, our focus turned to Humberto’s Chinese-Peruvian heritage – the Tusán people whose ancestors arrived from Guangdong province to settle in Peru in the 19th century. Today they number in the millions, and the diffusion of Asian traditions throughout South America is a palpable force. This rich and colorful exchange of stories mixes with the contemporary realities of alpine life, as extreme conditions see both men and women layering bright, ethnic textiles with modern tactical garments.

In our interpretation, the drama of the Andean colour palette (from Cusco to Machu Picchu) meets piles of fuzzy texture and a touch of Parisian sophistication. Couched in the Ayahuasca dreamscape show set by the artist Pablo Amaringo, this collection invokes discovery and exploration through mind, body, and spirit. Within the women’s collection, hiking gear has an overt feminine twist, as swirling polar fleece comes tailored and swathes of waterproof nylon are given soft volume and drape. Inspired by the import of rice into Peru, knitwear and recycled raffia pieces feature custom KENZO calligraphy, and an archive ‘Earth’ print returns under the cover of clouds. Pollera and pencil skirts receive the technical treatment, traced with drawstrings and paired with zipped mock-necks or patch-pocket blouses in tonal ensembles. Papery leather shines in roomy parka and anorak shapes, whilst shaggy jacquard faux-furs create wood print and blanket plaid effects. 5-pocket jean and cropped cargos are cut in winter wools or acid-washed denim. Menswear takes the road less traveled, keeping in mind the military trappings of early explorers. Transformable all-weather outerwear pieces feature harness collars, reversible mesh linings, and detachable pocket gloves. A membrane coating gives pop tailoring extra bounce, as zip-up polar fleece returns in roomy quilted jogging pants (mimicked elsewhere by luxe striped shearling). Worn with plaid felt overcoats and checkered crew knits, straight canvas trousers zip-off in color-blocked panels. In the same way, a three-pocket bag zips out into backpack, tote, and fanny pack shapes. Blinking from a resin bijoux ‘eye’ clasp, our new KENZO Tali double flap bag is unveiled for the season in a rainbow of colors and crafted in stamped lizard and faux croc leathers or oval ‘eye’ quilting. Held in the hand, on the shoulder, or worn cross-body, it comes printed with the season’s KENZO rice bag motifs and swings with sunglass cases or shaggy shoulder straps. For men and women, footwear styles see town and country collide, with laced Inka trekking boots and mesh sneakers lifted on stacked soles. Women’s Lima kitten heels fuse faux fur under plastic, whilst squared boots lace up the calf with a scuba sock insert. Carol Lim & Humberto Leon Production by Villa Eugenie | Scouting by Brachfeld | Casting by AM CASTING Make up by Thomas de Kluyver and The M·A·C PRO Team Hair by Holli Smith for L’Oréal Paris, Hair products provided by L’Oréal Paris Nails by Naomi Yasuda for INGLOT Cosmetics | Skincare by Embryolisse Music by Tribilin Sound | Scenography by PARTEL OLIVA PABLO CÉSAR AMARINGO SHUÑA To download images and press texts please visit: pass: WINTER2019 For more information on KENZO visit Born on 29 June 1938 in Tamanco, Loreto in Perú, Pablo César Amaringo Shuña was a talented selftaught artist from a poor and large family. He was native to a town lost in the depth of the green Amazon forest. His restless spirit was forged against the background of the flora and fauna of the Amazon. His short stay in a secular school did not wipe out the kind apprenticeship he received from nature everyday in his early years. His ill health when young and divergences with formality led Pablo Amaringo to seek shelter in nature. It was there – in the depth of the jungle with ‘mother’ Ayahuasca that a Shaman, or healing doctor and master was born. He created paintings in the «Neo-Amazónico» style in 1958, and the «Visiones de Ayahuasca» paintings in 1982. On 15 June 1988 he founded the Amazon Painting School «USKO-AYAR». In 1992 Pablo Amaringo was elected to join the United Nations Organisation’s Global 500 Honour Roll – together with Jacques Cousteau, Chico Méndez, and Jimmy Carter among others. Now he rests in his heavenly, multicoloured, iridescent, spiritual abode, which he illuminated and depicted in his pictures «Visiones de Ayahuasca» and «Alta espiritualidad» with such talent, dexterity, and spiritual discipline. He has left us with the seed of his works which filled a void in science. Pablo César Amaringo Shuña died on 16 November 2009. Juan Vásquez Amaringo El Oraculo De Espiritus by Pablo César Amaringo Shuña 1938 – 2009

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