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Which one is the most important? The design or technicalities of a smartphone?

Smartphone enthusiasts usually take two points into consideration when they decide to buy a new phone: the cost and technical features. There are many expenditures associated with our modern lifestyle so how much money a smartphone empties the pocket is a users’ top priority, but, consumers also value functional features such as an advanced camera, a long-lasting battery and solid performance.

At the same time, smartphones with a full-screen display are significantly desired nowadays. Consumers have a vested interest in devices that provide larger viewing experience for an immersive gaming or video-watching time.

However, because of the smartphone industry’s intense competitiveness and the presence of many good players in the market, as well as smartphone users being more demanding, brands are required more than ever before to innovate and manufacture best-in-class devices that are packaged in an appealing wrapper.

And in this specialty a few phones emerge powerfully and rise up to the occasion like Huawei Y7 2018. Launched in March, 2018, this line of mobile phone has consistently delivered top-level performance to the mobile phone market, focusing on display, camera and battery. The phone also received positive reviews from critics and analysts across the globe and met the preferences of many smartphone young users.

Recognizing the demands from this growing and important demographic and building on the success this phone achieved, Huawei is expected to make a surprising launch of a newer version of the phone soon. Mobile phone users may have the right to expect a new generation of Y series that maintains the legacy of tailored design and strong performance without breaking the bank.


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