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The 2018 Winter Trophy: Motocross Challenge!

Motocross Academy Lebanon and A.N. Boukather brought out the 2018 Winter Trophy reuniting off-road motorcycles’ fanatics in a challenging yet professional race within the Motocross track in Aabrine.With the support of KTM, TOTAL Liban, Commercial Insurance, Country Lodge, Anthony’s, Safety travel, Sofi de France, MeGrali, BBQ Bros, Tree Dimension and Future Art, this event captured the attention and encouragement of riders and none riders within the Lebanese community.

Within a unique atmosphere, more than 40 participants competed with elite sportsmanship through well divided categories responding to each motorcyclist’s skills and levels.The race was divided into 5 categories: Master Class, MX, Clubmen, Beginners Male and for the very first time the Beginners Female category, introducing the talent of young female riders entering the off-road community with lots of determination, ethics and empowerment!In fact, this race was a message of inspiration and guidance for all Lebanese motorcyclists of all ages, offering them the expertise of competing and racing on a professional track away from public roads, while enhancing their skills and off-road technics.

The 2018 Winter trophy set a new level for the motocross racing experience in Lebanon and left us wondering what the Y2019 will bring us all!

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