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JTB inaugurates the First Branch for Financial Inclusion in Lebanon

Jammal Trust Bank s.a.l. (JTB) inaugurated its first “Infinite Branch” for Financial Inclusion in Sohmor village, West Bekaa, Lebanon, on Tuesday December 18, under the patronage of The Governor of Banque du Liban, Dr. Riad Salameh, represented by his First Vice-Governor Mr. Raed Charafeddine, in the presence of the Chairman and CEO of Jammal Trust Bank, Mr. Anwar Jammal.Mr. Jammal launched the opening with a speech, where he emphasized on “the importance of Financial Inclusion, the need for the banking sector to cover the needs of all members and segments of society, with the aim of improving their living standards by offering them banking services, which in turn, will boost the Lebanese Economy.” Mr. Jammal also confirmed that JTB will be opening numerous “Infinite branches” for its Financial Inclusion Initiative in Lebanese regions, where residents have not yet been introduced to the banking sector. The name “Infinite” comes from limitless and endless in space. The branches were named as such as a reference to JTB going to “infinite ends” in order to reach out to those that don’t have any prior banking relationships and cater to their financial needs.The First Vice-Governor at Banque du Liban, Mr. Raed Charafeddine congratulated Jammal Trust Bank for its efforts and success of adopting the Financial Inclusion Strategy, considering this as the first step towards achieving the principle of parallel development, which is of paramount importance to Banque Du Liban, as it supports all banking initiatives that advance this idea. Mr. Charafeddine, also highlighted on the economic situation in the Bekaa and the importance of providing special care to this area in order to reduce the social, economic and humanitarian gap and to benefit from its economic potential.The event was attended by a number of JTB’s Board, community leaders, reporters, residents of Sohmor and surrounding villages in the region.

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