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General Security unveils Vision 2021, a Digital Transformation towards a paperless General Directorate

The General Security Directorate has just launched its avant-garde Vision 2021 Project which aims at achieving total digital transformation and setting up complete paperless archiving and transactional processes and systems in cooperation with Everteam, the leading ECM and digital transformation company in the EMEA region.

The launching was done during a special event organized by the General Security’s General Directorate, under the patronage and presence of its General Director Maj. General Abbas Ibrahim, on December 11, 2018, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut, attended by Ministers, lieutenant colonels, high-level officials, the media and the CEO of Everteam, Mr. Antoine Hraoui and the members of the company, that  is one of the main technology partners of the General Security’s General Directorate, providing vital solution provider in security and intelligence.

The event kick-started with a speech by Mr. Antoine Hraoui, CEO of Everteam, who lauded the General Security’s forward-thinking strategies of development, driven by the inspirational leadership of Major General Abbas Ibrahim, the Director General of the Lebanese General Security. Mr. Hraoui said: “The General Directorate of the Lebanese General Security did not hesitate to prove its ability to carry out its extensive mission towards the country and its people. In fact, the General Directorate reflects dedication and hard work, always keen to serve the people and maintain security and stability. In order to achieve this in the best and fastest way possible, it has focused on the most important key-element nowadays, technology. So it decided to develop its technological infrastructure in a solid way and so it did. This was not was not achieved randomly; this development was planned consciously and intelligently and the General Directorate cooperated with IT companies such as Everteam and others. ”

In this context, we can only highlight the 2021 Vision of the General Security – “paperless General Directorate of the Lebanese General Security”, which reflects the Directorate’s ambition and its insistence on progress and development, by working on a precise and detailed plan, aiming at achieving perfection in the service of the Nation and the people, and move towards further development and success.”, he added.

This was followed by a brief presentation made by Mr. Jean Pierre La Hausse de La Louviere, Everteam Industry Board Member and eFuture Executive Board Member, on the compliance with international standards and regulations for archiving and process automation.

Then, Lieutenant Colonel Fadi Harb of the IT Bureau at the General Security’s General Directorate, gave an explanation regarding an overview presentation about the electronic correspondence project, as well as the digitalization of the General Directorate’s centers and departments.

The event was crowned by an inspiring address given by Major General Abbas Ibrahim praising the project and what it means for the citizens of Lebanon. He said: “We meet today to celebrate a special occasion, rich in content, since it tackles the work principles of the General Directorate of the General Security, and the facilitation of communication between Lebanese citizens, whether resident or abroad, and the General Security. This occasion is the first step of a three-years-period during which will be implemented the process of transferring the General Directorate of General Security to a fully smart electronic institution in the framework of the global digital transformation that is taking place in the world, by achieving the goal of turning to paperless operations and by implementing this development program.” In addition, Maj. General Ibrahim explained that “The future efforts will be focused on achieving this goal in the Directorate and reduce paper consumption, thus saving thousands of trees as well as saving time on citizens and service providers. This will allow us to spend more time on development programs, trainings and capacity building that will serve the established plans on the short and medium terms.” He added: “The aim is not only to replace paper operations with digital ones, but also to save time and effort, improve productivity, adopt transparency and self-supervision. The launch of Vision 2021 – Digital Transformation towards a paperless General Directorate of the General Security is the Directorate’s first step in the process of entering the digital world firmly and vigorously.”

Tokens of appreciation were exchanged between Maj. General Abbas Ibrahim and Mr. Antoine Hraoui and the event was wrapped up with an exquisite lunch during which attendees expressed their admiration and support to the Vision 2021 Project.

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