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Located a few kilometres away from Paris near Disneyland® Paris, La Vallée Village has become a must-do luxury shopping destination for Lebanese customers, which is the fifth most represented tourist nationality in the Village this year.

These visitors flock to La Vallée Village not only because they are passionate about fashion and elegance, but also for the unprecedented shopping experience it offers them.


“This trip to Beirut is a great opportunity to learn more about our Lebanese customers and understand their needs, and to thank them for their loyalty and reiterate the unwavering links of friendship between our two countries. What better partner for this than Air France, which celebrates with us the French art of living?” Laurence Corteggiani, La Vallée Village Marketing Director.

La Vallée Village lets you “experience shopping differently” with 110 boutiques offering their previous season collections at irresistible prices*, in such a unique environment like nowhere else in France.


First of all, the surprise of the environment. The reason behind the “Village” name soon becomes clear: the calming landscaping, the tree-lined pedestrian streets; the low houses with pastel-coloured façades, their hues teasing the light; the tiled rooftops “à la française”… Simple luxuries that put everyone at ease.


There is also serenity: cars are neatly arranged in the carpark; there is a soothing sensation of security; refinement is present in the most minute of details; constant attention is given towards the well-being of each and every one.


In fact, everything is done to make life easier; the Welcome Center is at the entrance of the Village, where multi-lingual hosts and hostesses help with tips and advice. A map of the Village with boutique locations and services points is tendered to each visitor and touristic sites, hotels and transportation options are proffered, while bookings and reservations are also arranged.

Additional amenities…Free parking, valet parking, hands-free shopping, hand car wash, not forgetting our Gift Card service.

So why are you waiting to fly with Air France, Destination La Vallée Village?

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