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Ministry of Health and Prevention hosts latest batch of visiting doctors for the month of April

H.E. Dr. Al Olama: ‘We aim to provide quality healthcare services to UAE community in accordance with international standards’

 The Ministry of Health and Prevention is hosting the latest batch of visiting doctors for the month of April of this year. Under the visiting doctors program, the foreign medical professionals specializing in obesity surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and otorhinolaryngology, among others, will provide consultations and diagnostic services and treat patients to help meet the requirements of the local communities and offer them with best healthcare services.

Undersecretary H.E. Dr. Mohamed Salim Al Olama emphasized the Ministry’s strategic goal of providing quality health services to the UAE community in accordance with international standards and national indicators for quality healthcare through access to doctors with distinct capabilities and vast experience in treating rare cases. The Ministry aims for active interaction between local and visiting foreign doctors to enable the former to learn the latest practices being observed in international medical centers.

H.E. also noted that the Ministry of Health and Prevention has created an office dedicated to managing the visiting doctors, developing an annual strategy to bring in foreign experts and doctors to the UAE, and making the necessary plans to implement the visiting doctors program according to the needs of the Ministry-run hospitals. This effort complements the continuing initiatives to meet the changing needs of the community and various medical standards.

The visiting doctors are selected according to the highest global standards, taking into account their academic and professional backgrounds. Continuing medical training for doctors and technical assistants ensures quality and excellence in health services provided by the Ministry’s facilities as well as helps enhance the skills of local medical professionals in a bid to provide global expertise to UAE citizens and residents.

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