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UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention organizes Open Day for Innovation

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, represented by the Institutional Development Department, recently organized an Open Day for Innovation at its headquarters in the presence of senior officials from the Ministry, including H.E. Dr. Hussain Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Centers and Clinics, and Dr. Ayesha Al Mutawa, Chief Innovation Officer, along with a number of departmental directors. The initiative was held to promote innovation culture and it’s consolidate its methods in the government’s work environment through workshops and interactive innovative laboratories.

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 Dr. Al Mutawa pointed out that the goal of the event is to raise awareness about innovative tools & to provide a stimulating and encouraging environment for innovation so that it becomes an everyday culture, and the most prominent feature in the system of government’s work, to achieve the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.

 “Innovation is art and science as well as practice and talent, which are enhanced by structured training of people on creative thinking process within a stimulating environment, through building a culture of innovation based on collaborative and active participation, as well as tolerance for trial and error as part of the journey. Innovative thinking process is facilitated by the adoption of a range of innovative tools and techniques such as factory ideas, games to boost innovative thinking, brainstorming over charts, programmable solutions, a line of happiness, and virtual simulation scenarios,” said Dr. Al Mutawa.

 During the MOHAP innovation open day a number of workshops and innovation laboratories were launched & they addressed themes such as “future of prevention health”, “innovative customer service”, “excellence in mental health service” and “health service in remote areas”.

 Furthermore; during innovation open day; MOHAP launched innovation platform which represents an exhibition platform designed in the form of the letters of the word “innovative for health”, and it hosted many activities such as Photo Gallery, posters competition, and puzzles to encourage strategic foresight, solution oriented innovative thinking, and teamwork.  The main themes for the activities addressed around the platform are “Healthy lifestyles, hospitals of the future & future doctors”.

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