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BRINGING LIGHT INTO THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Uterqüe at Beirut Souks turns into a bright boutique

Summer has officially made its first steps at Uterqüe in Beirut Souks, brightening up the place and highlighting the brand’s classy and chic attributes. This new bright boutique concept was introduced during a brunch held at the store in the presence of Uterqüe’s VIP clientele, as well as local media and influencers.

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In order to provide the fashionable and sophisticated Lebanese women with a unique and pleasant shopping experience, Uterqüe’s new boutique concept is designed with a wider space than the previous store concept and avant-garde lighting that adds class and quality to the collections, while reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment.

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The interior spaces are defined by Italian marble flooring, creating semi-independent areas each housing a different collection while the furniture brings a touch of nobility reflecting the Uterqüe brand. Lined and lacquered metals provide a great backdrop and are also used as display structures while resin cases with surrounding glass showcase the accessories. The whole space oozes a contemporary ambiance full of light and carved wooden moldings.

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On the occasion, Uterqüe also launched their summer 2015 collection for a summer of fun. Inspired by the elegance of the Uterqüe woman, the collection plays with and mixes up trends, volumes, textures and colors to create a melange rich in contrasts and defined by the 70s. Guests attending the event were granted the chance to explore firsthand the all new “Made in Italy” items laying in store, and leave with a fresh summery gift signed Uterqüe.

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