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Boecker® and Dekwaneh Municipality grant 19 restaurants the Excellence Certificates for Food Establishments

Beirut March 26, 2015:In their ongoing efforts to preserve the highest public health standards and food quality, the Municipality of Dekwaneh and Boecker® the number one reference in food safety solutions, awarded 19 restaurant owners and managers the “Excellence Certificate for Food Establishments” after succeeding in complying with all required standards within the Dekwaneh Town and its neighborhood.


A special ceremony was held in this context, at the HQ of the Dekwaneh Municipality, to recognize the management of the establishments and businesses in presence of Mar Roukoz – Dahr el Hosain Mayor Mr. Antoine Chakhtoura, the CEO of Boecker® Mr. Michel Bayoud, Mr. Samir Ayash, municipal member, who supervised the execution of the project after receiving extensive training by Boecker®. The ceremony was also attended by food establishment owners and other stakeholders.


Boecker® and Dekwaneh Municipality launched in April of last year an initiative that allowed Municipal inspectors to get professional training enabling them to have advanced assessment skills on food quality inside restaurants working in the area. The awarded businesses were subject to an extensive audit to check their compliance with an exhaustive list of food safety standards set by Boecker® experts who supervised the execution of the campaign.

Talking at the ceremony, Mayor Chakhtoura elaborated about the initiative saying: “We worked with Boecker® to conduct a specialized program through our inspectors to protect our region’s status as a vital district attracting big names in hospitality and restauration. Granting 19 restaurants working in our area the Excellence Certificate confirms once again our keenness to provide the highest food safety standards and our strive to instill Dekwaneh as a model neighborhood in protecting its residents and visitors from various health threats.”


From his side, Mr. Michel Bayoud, CEO of Boecker® praised the efforts exerted by the Dekwaneh Municipality that partnered with a renowned name in the food safety industry. Bayoud noted that the governmental work is key in protecting public health in all Lebanese regions. He added:” What Dekwaneh Municipality has achieved is unprecedented on the national level and we support every municipality and local regional council to follow suit and invest efforts in public health projects and we are ready to help everyone thanks to the expertise we accumulated in establishing control processes and enforcing suitable standards to ensure the highest food quality and safety to the Lebanese consumers.”

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