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DMCA participates in sixth edition of UAE’s ‘Car Free Day’ initiative

Authority’s participation reflects strong commitment towards environmental responsibility

 February 4, 2015

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of Dubai’s maritime sector, revealed its successful participation in the sixth edition of the ‘Car Free Day’ initiative, an annual event organized by Dubai Municipality, which took place today (February 4, 2015). The event was organized in conjunction with the 18th National Environment Day under the theme ‘Green Economy – Innovation and Sustainability.’

As part of the celebration, the Authority’s senior officials, department managers and staff used the Dubai Metro or other forms of public transportation instead of taking their personal vehicles to get to the DMCA headquarters–demonstrating the Authority’s move to be part of the creation of a positive impact in the efforts to reduce carbon emission from vehicles and show support for the UAE government’s efforts to build a green and sustainable future for present and future generations to enjoy.

DMCA’s participation reflects its commitment towards environmental responsibility. The Authority stressed on the importance of increasing the public and private sector’s efforts achieve the objectives set forth by the Dubai 2021 strategy, which involves the transition to a sustainable city through the development of urban environment ‘with clean, healthy and sustainable environmental elements’ and  in accordance with the wise directives of the government.

The ‘Car Free Day’ initiative is an annual event organized by Dubai Municipality. The event is aimed at promoting the use of public transport; drive in a reduction of carbon emissions from vehicles and support the adoption of more sustainable practices to help reinforce Dubai’s position as an eco-friendly city.

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