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Atelier C by Cherine Khadra

Custom-made for him and for her

Beirut, January 2015: – In cooperation with Solidere, Atelier C by Cherine Khadra is the first address of custom-tailor made to open in Saifi Village. The inauguration of Atelier C took place on Thursday, January 8th, at gallery 169. Cherine Khadra revealed her creations by exhibiting each of her design as a work of art. It also provided the opportunity to celebrate her first collaboration with Diet Pepsi.

Diet Pepsi, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, has chosen to upend current commercial trends by teaming up for the first time with a creator to redefine its artistic brand

Why Tailor-Made?

With a career which began in the marketing department of Cartier, the prestigious house of jewelry, followed by years of experience in the ready-to-wear clothing and luxury goods industry, CherineKhadra has decided to specialize in custom-made clothing and in launching her own brand Atelier C.

Clearly favoring the satisfaction of a very demanding clientele, Atelier C follows no trend, and favors a timeless style. For the past four years, CherineKhadra’s work has constantly delivered a clear message: “No need for embellishment, elegance lies in simplicity.”

The Tailor-made product is the only means where the client and the designer get to participate in the creation process of a garment in its entirety. Khadra’sfirst requirement is not only to be in tune with her client but, especially to guide and suggest to him or her the cut, color, and fabrics that will compliment his or her silhouette.

Cherine believes that the custom-made clothing experience is a unique experience for both the client as well as for her. She begins the creative process with a discussion to understand the personality of the one who will wear the garment. Her strength lies in listening first to the client, while producing her creative ideas. Then encouraging her client to be daring and to dress beyond the normal fashion sensibility.

Taking the measurement is the second step. It is the ultimate morphological indicator, “Each body is unique, and requires a certain cut to flatter the silhouette.” Next, the customer is presented with four detailed sketch proposals. These proposals will be true to Cherine’s essence, which has mastered the art of diplomacy but not of flattery. Finally the creation is unveiled after several fitting sessions take place.

Timeless creativity independent of the fashion calendar

Tailor made pieces are a means to create timeless silhouettes, which dress us without obliterating our personality, Quite the opposite they reveal the femininity in each of us.

“Each client that steps in at the Atelier is a muse. I do not feel the need to create a collection in compliance with the seasons. I like the idea of creating irrespective of the fashion calendar.” The Atelier C does not restrict itself to codes and norms.

Cherine pays special attention to the material that she selects from her suppliers. Some of them will even set aside fabric surplus from the Parisian fashion houses.  She also develops exclusive fabrics such as laser cuts. Furthermore, she brings back materials from her trips. Recently, she was seduced by Uzbek and Indian fabrics, which she offers exclusively to her clientele.

She has a preference for silk gazar, silk and organza, which allow her to obtain a maximum of volume and create a unique piece. “With the gazar of silk, I get the desired volume without the bulk of layers of fabric. The silhouette looks simple and elegant.”

In addition, Atelier C highlights the art and craft, and know-how of Lebanese embroiderers.

Who is the clientele of Atelier C?

Women are the primary customers. In entering the door of the new address in Saifi village, they come for a dress, a suit, an accessory or a pair of custom-made heels… Convinced by the concept of customization, Cherine decided to broaden her activity and expand her know-how to men, who are in search of the perfect suit, made exclusively with LoroPiana and Dormeuil’s Italien Fabrics.

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