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GS Partakes in an Action-Packed Weekend

GS supports the Night of the AdEaters and the Beirut Marathon

Beirut, November 2014 – GS, a leading house of international brands for men, women and children, had a busy weekend on Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th 2014, when it participated in two of the most anticipated events in Lebanon: The Night of the AdEaters and the Banque du Liban Beirut Marathon.

GS has always prided itself on being an active participant in its local community, and this November proved to be no exception. For two consecutive evenings, GS attended the Night of the AdEaters, a yearly event that highlights the advertising world, with attendees watching hundreds of the year’s funniest and most unexpected advertising films from around the globe. To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, GS placed a projection booth, offering a great visual experience and creating a creative and fun atmosphere for all passersby. All booth visitors were given fun props, and were recorded wishing GS a happy anniversary in their own unique way. The videos were then sent to all participants by email, guaranteeing a successful and memorable occasion.

But there was no letting up for the retail giant, and the very next day, GS made its presence felt at the Banque du Liban Beirut Marathon. GS thought it crucial to take part, as it believes the marathon is a powerful testament to the Lebanese spirit, a positive occasion that promotes unity and wellness.

Under the slogan “Together we Run”, the entire GS team took to the streets a positive spirit, and also invited marathon participants to visit its booth and take pictures at its stand.

Mr. Jamil Rayess, General Manager of HST Co., said: “GS definitely had an eventful weekend on November the 8th and 9th, we were proud and honored to be able to participate in these two events. From a cultural and sports viewpoint, both are a wonderful example of this country at its best, and a great way to connect with the community. Our participation only goes to show our ambition and desire to be present during the most important events taking place in Lebanon and across the region,” he concluded.

As GS continues to grow, it is clear that the company intends to continue its approach of attending the most influential events in the region and connecting with the community.

More about the company:

GS Stores is a destination for fashion brands, wrapping under its umbrella a wide array of continuously evolving brands that reflect the needs and tastes of the local market. Through its long line of clothing, accessories and shoe brands, GS caters to all ages and genders in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere making the shopping experience at its outlets a distinguished one. Some of the main brands available are: Timberland, Geox, Springfield, Rockport, Noah, McNeal, Bugatti, Silver Jeans Co, Morgan, Best Mountain, Bardot, Boboli, Losan, Elegant Baby, Girandola and many others all under one roof.

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