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World Free Zones Organization marks more than 100 member milestone & agrees three-year strategy

Focus on knowledge, networking & support services for members & setting industry best practices

[November 4, 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates]: Convening for the second time since the launch of the multilateral World FZO in Dubai earlier this year, the Board of Directors announced that the Organization had passed the 100 memberships milestone from 30 countries around the world.

The decision makers, who gathered from around the world, also discussed the global economic trends of free zones and need for research and knowledge-based plans to foster a positive environment to support diversification, FDI movement, and growth opportunities for large as well as SMEs operating within free zones.


Speaking on this occasion, World FZO Chairman, Dr. Mohammed Alzarooni said: “Since setting up in May this year, we have launched a multi-market and multi-stakeholder outreach program with a view to engage with free zones from around the world to ascertain the type and level of support they would require when it comes to knowledge and intelligence about the industry, networking for business development and operations management. The feedback we’ve received is very positive as free zones welcomed the flexibility and ability of the core team as well as the expert advice of the board members, and the global formal structure of the World FZO.

At the same time, we have reached out to multiple business leaders, policy makers, and influencers to begin a dialogue around operational, legal, regulatory, and governance best practices that would support the role of Free Zones and enhance their impact and contribution to both local and global economies.”

The board of directors voted for the appointment of a new Board Member, Mr. Juan Pablo Rivera who is currently the President of the Zona Franca Bogotá South America and newly elected the President for Latin America Free Zones Association – AZFA). In addition, the board elected Martin Ibarra as the new Vice Chairman of the Organization replacing the late Mr. Pellerano.

The board also discussed a three-year strategy to set worldwide standards for knowledge and data sharing, networking and services for the member zones. “Our three-pillar strategy, moving forward, will enable the World FZO to provide strategic insights and knowledge to its members through research and the analysis of data, and to facilitate business development and partnership opportunities for members, while also supporting its stakeholders and members with proprietary tools and governance systems to advance the development of all free zones and free zone entities associated with World FZO,” said Dr. Samir Hamrouni, CEO, World FZO.   

About World Free Zones Organization:

The World Free Zones Organization (World FZO) is a non-profit entity operating as an association for all free zones around the world. Established in Geneva, Switzerland and headquartered in the Dubai Airport Freezone in United Arab Emirates, World FZO provides global leadership in terms of knowledge of free zones, works to  enhance public and general knowledge and perceptions of free zones, provide a multitude of services (such as research, events and data) for its members and the community, as well as help to increase awareness of the advantages of free zones in terms of economic and social evelopment, foreign and direct investment.

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