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The Brave Heart Fund blocks the heart of the city to unblock the hearts of children born with congenital heart disease

It was just another busy Saturday in the heart of the city, the hustle and bustle of people on the streets, cars honking in the traffic jam and people drinking coffee on their balconies. The difference on this specific Saturday, Gemmayzeh was intentionally blocked for a .

People who were in the area at around 2:00 pm on that day were first frustrated when a bus filled with children broke down in the middle of the street, therefore blocking a vital road.

However, it wasn’t long before their moods completely shifted when, to their surprise, they good cause witnessed the children emerge from the bus and begin to sing a heart-warming song about survival, new beginnings and hope for the beautiful things ahead.

The song, Darb Jdeed, written and composed by Talal Kantari for the occasion, filled the street with great emotion. The children had intentionally blocked a main artery of the city center to unblock the hearts of children born with congenital heart disease.

By blocking the heart of the city, the Choralino children’s choir raised awareness about congenital hear disease and drew attention to the Brave Heart Funds mission that “no child should die of heart disease because of a lack of funds”.

The Brave Heart Fund is a charitable, fundraising initiative established in November 2003 at the Children’s Heart Center at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Since its founding, the Brave Heart Fund has contributed to saving the lives of over 2100 children born with congenital heart disease.  Today, the organization covers over 300 procedures a year, that’s one every day of the week.

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