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Beirut Marathon | Women’s Race

On May 4, 2014 Women from all ages and all walks of life came together with joy to do what women do most: bring life forward.

The second edition of the “Beirut Marathon Women Race” was a special one as men were invited to join the 5K Race to support women by running in solidarity in an event that carries their name. The atmosphere was festive and strong at the same time, and the city streets filled with determined women running each for her own reason. Some ran for fitness, some for fun, some for one of the 61 official causes, some for the challenge itself. May 4 portrayed an image of the beautiful world we wish we could create every day — of women feeling empowered and happy and of men feeling supportive and positive.

We are bringing you some of the beautiful moments captured that day. Check them out on: Beirut Marathon Blog:







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