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Children Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL)

In support of the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), eight Lebanese runners are running the distance of the coast of Lebanon (210Km) starting from Naqoura, from May 7th till the 11th, 2014. Five days during which the runners will run the average of one marathon (42.195km) per day. The event, named “The De-Feet Cancer Run”, aims at raising 50,000 USD, which is the estimated cost of treatment of one child with cancer at the CCCL; and is under the patronage of the Minister of Health. During the press conference, which was held at the Phoenicia hotel on April 11, 2014, the De-Feet Cancer Runners Ali Kedami, Imad Ladkani, Georges El Hoyek, Khodor Badran, Rabih Farsoun, Jihad Achkar, Mohamad Marhamo and Mark Jibran shared the trajectories of their daily runs and expressed their pride and joy in helping the CCCL through this project. They also thanked all the sponsors and partners for their support. CCCL General Manager, Mrs. Hana Chaar Choueib, thanked the runners for their support to the CCCL; on behalf of the CCCL Board members and patients and parents. She also stressed on the importance of their initiative towards the center; due to the increased need for donations as a result of the increasing number of kids with cancer.

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